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A spiritual poem

The moss — thinking of a place to grow
It looked at the majestic rock.
The rock smirked hubristically,
Thinking, “I am firm, mighty, and unbreakable.”

The moss pleaded in silence,
“Allow me to grow and flourish.
I shall save your heart from heat and rains.
Just open your heart, and I shall nourish.”

The rock remained unmoved and unfazed.
It said, “Let me teach you something about life.
I have seen more suns and moons.
And I need no one to fight my battles.”

“Don’t be rude,” persisted the moss, but its effort laid in vain. So, the moss…

A poem about love

On the pale yellow sunset, I waited
under the old birch tree
as we promised
ten years ago

I thought you would come
and get me
or at least care to inform
that you’ll be breaking the promise

At least, I would have brought
some company
to make my time worthwhile
alone in the woods

Do you know how much I was scared
waiting alone
in the deep dark jungle
amidst the wild animals

The elephant trumpet was deafening my ears and the tears of love were making me blind the fear of losing my life to an animal was…

A right person doesn't solve all your problems, but a wrong one creates many.

How do you know if you have found the right match for yourself?

Growing up watching romantic movies and reading love tales, I always believed that soft violin music would play in the background, my heart would beat abnormally, the moon would appear to be larger than usual, and the time would stop at 11:11.

There’s another BS method that love gurus often advised, “The heart knows the right one.”

However, in real life, none of these happen. Instead, you like someone (without reason), you fall in love, get hurt and realize you’re with the wrong one. That’s harsh but…

Distractions aren’t always bad if used constructively.

I had a fixed writing regime. 5:00 am — 7:00 am and 7:00 pm — 9:00 pm. I had to form that rule as I have a daytime job from 8:00 am— 5:00 pm. Everything was going smoothly. My productivity was touching skies. I was efficiently juggling between my passion and profession.

But everything changed suddenly.

I found myself sitting in front of a blank screen, hoping for some miracle to happen. I was praying that words would magically appear on the screen. Again. But my thoughts didn’t translate into words. This anxiety continued for a week or so. …

By an introvert.

There are plenty of stigmas attached to the term “introverts.” People hold a lot of misconceptions about this personality trait. Due to ignorance or lack of understanding, people perceive introverts as :

  • Shy
  • Rude
  • Depressed
  • Abnormal
  • Mentally unhealthy, etc.

I have been at the receiving end, and I know how it feels. I am often judged and looked upon as an odd-man-out in a group. People sometimes don’t openly express their thoughts about me, but their behavior speaks volumes.

If there’s an awkward silence in a conversation, people conveniently blame it on introverts. As they talk less, they’re a soft…

A morning tale

The bright sun rays are puncturing the skies
The dusty clouds are scattering like flies

With audacity, the light’s barging into my room
And I can see those glittery pearls on the flowers that bloom

My teeny eye-lids are still hugging each other
“Am I still awake or still dreaming?” I wonder

Then I see that the chimneys are smoking, yet again
And my ears are deafened by the whistling of the train

The cat and the mouse has begun their chase
And the birds are flapping their wings with grace

On the streets, the school-kids are waving goodbye to…

Let go of these toxic habits.

The biggest mistake you can make in life is to waste your time. — Jerry Bruckner

Wasting time is wasting life because both once lost can’t be regained. So, time is life; life is time. Life is the most invaluable possession. We all have one life and get one chance to make it meaningful and correct.

But do you always feel that you don’t have time to do what you want?
Do you feel that life is not giving you a chance to pursue your dreams?

If yes, you are not alone. …

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

If someone asks us about our introduction, we say, “I am XXX(name).” We don’t know why?

Maybe we’re taught that way. Let’s rewind our life and analyze the situation.

When we went to school, we responded to the same question with a different answer. In addition to our previous title, we replied, “I am a student at XXX school.”

But things changed fast. In social gatherings and family functions, we introduced ourselves as “I am the son/daughter of XXX(parents).”

Further, as time passed and after completing our studies, we used to render a different introduction like, “I am an Engineer/Writer/Painter/etc…

Stop chasing an illusion.

Man chasing his wants
Man chasing his wants

Our life starts with a strong belief that “without wanting anything, we don’t get anything.” Even the famous law of attraction works on the same principle; Burning desires.

We weave our entire life based on what we want from/in life. If we want money, fame, or power, we maneuver our thoughts and actions in that direction. To fulfill our wants/desires, we go to any extremes. We sacrifice everything just to meet our wants. Time, Relationships, family, friends, and even our health — we compromise everything.

Since we bet everything against our wants/desires, isn’t it necessary to pause and check if…

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