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I will describe myself in four letters.


I am a peace-loving soul. I am an eternal being, and my perishable…

Toxic habits are easy to spot and change, but these practices aren’t.

2 Easily Ignorable Habits Harming You More Than Your Bad Habits
Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” ― Madonna

I think everyone agrees with Madona as we all are striving to be a better version of ourselves. For that, we adopt healthy habits, quit the bad ones, and ensure that we stick to our plan.

But is it enough to be better? To be happier? To live a fulfilled life?

Self-improvement is a multi-faceted coin. It has many aspects. I believe it to be an amalgamation of goals, strategies, hacks, inspiration…

These “bad” habits are not actually bad for you

Every Day Healthy Habit People Think Are Bad
Photo by Lukas Rodriguez from Pexels

We’re all guilty of bad habits. Eating chocolate, drinking wine after work, biting nails, skipping showers, reclining on the couch for hours, etc. — are some of the everyday habits that bite our conscience.

These habits might be bad, of course. But how did we decide that these habits are harmful to us?

Perhaps our parents taught us, or our elders, friends, or partners told us so.

But have we ever questioned its authenticity or took time to learn if they were actually bad? No

Since everyone around us belittled us for these habits or corrected us, we considered these…

A poem about love

Photo by Silviu Cozma from Pexels

I loved my name
when your lips whispered it passionately

I loved my eyes
when you’re its sight to behold

I loved my ears
when it heard the sound of your heart

I loved my nose
when I smelled the aroma of your grace

I loved my heart
when it was beating to your thought

I loved my body
when it wrapped around you

I loved my day
when the light of your persona brightened it

I loved myself
when you’re a part of my life

you gave my soul the light it wanted
the warmth of your love soothed my…

Self-love is the only way to empower yourself

3 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Love
Source: Freepik

Self-love is often misconstrued as being selfish. But it’s not. We just have the wrong picture of it in mind. Self-love isn’t being arrogant or self-centered. Loving yourself doesn't mean you (have to) hate/be rude to others.

Love is a positive word, while hate is negative. So how can they get along together!

Self-love is simple. Just the way you love others, you love yourselves. You enjoy your company, trust your instincts, and recognize your value. That's it!

Embracing yourself means making yourself resilient to external stimuli like insults, unsolicited advice, rejections, failures, breakups, etc. But it’s easier said than…

Self-centeredness is the only way to be independent and happy

A self-centered man.
Source: Freepik

Seven years ago, I attended a spiritual retreat at the Brahmakumaris. In the first session, the speaker asked everyone to list down ten good qualities of themselves. Only 75 percent of the attendees could do it. I wasn’t one of them.

Next, he asked us to list ten positive qualities of our best friend/loved one. Including me, everyone completed the task. Furthermore, he asked us to write down our ten weaknesses. Again, 75–80 percent weren’t able to do so. Consequently, he asked us to do the same for our best friend/loved one. Surprisingly, everyone finished within a minute.

This scenario…

With the right person, you don’t have to work hard to be happy

Obvious Signs You Are With The Right Person
Source: Freepik

Romance is la-la land where two people accidentally meet, their eyes twinkle, and bam, they know they’ve found their soulmate. Movies sell this crap. Fairytales do it too. And so we’ve also believed that the omens will signal us when and with whom to settle down.

In real life, it doesn’t happen so. I don’t believe in the concept of “soulmates.” If it were true, why do people fall in (true) love multiple times during their lifetime? Why do people find themselves lucky in love a second time? And then a third time. Does it mean their love isn’t true?

A love-full poem

Love Is Undefined
Photo by Beata Dudová from Pexels

Returning from the battle, victorious
two knights rode forth towards their home
both of them planning to marry
asks one, “what do you seek in your lady love?

replied the other, “Mine must be a Rapunzel
with golden locks of beautiful braids
and her charming skin shall decide
the time of the day
and when should nights slay
and what about you?

another knight answered, “I care not for the body
but I seek a loving soul
as white as a dove
for purity, peace, and grace
and that shall suffice.”

wishing each other luck, they separate ways
and along their…

Create better content so readers will stick around

Girl Searching for Actionable Writing Strategies She’s Not Using
Source: Freepik

Blogging is one of the fastest-growing startups in the present times. However, 81% of online bloggers earn less than $100 a month, while the rest are full-time bloggers, writers, or journalling professionals.

So, how do you stand out in this cutthroat competitive market?

How do you write content that attracts readers so that you monetize your blogs?

It took me a whole year to understand the nuances of the blogging world.

Since last year my writing earnings have increased by over 12,000 percent. I earned cents from my writing gigs the previous year compared to four-digit figures this year.


It’s not okay to live an ignorant life.

(Extremely) Harmful Habits People Think Are Normal
Photo by Oscar Machado from Pexels

Habits are the neural programing in our brains that governs our actions. Autonomously. If it weren’t for habits, our lives would have been a mess.

Just imagine the scenario — You can do only one task at a time because you can’t divide your focus. e.g., If you're driving, you’re just driving. You can’t listen to songs or chat.

So, habits do make our lives simpler.

But not all!

We are so much accustomed to (some of) our habits that we don't realize they’re toxic. …

Darshak Rana

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