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I will describe myself in four letters.


I am a peace-loving soul. I am an eternal being, and my perishable body is called…

A girl feeling happy accepting 10 Naked Truths of Life
A girl feeling happy accepting 10 Naked Truths of Life
Source: Freepik

I’ve lived a lot of my life!

I’ve had more failures than successes. I’ve lost many valuable relationships due to my ego. I’ve suffered depression. I’ve been broke. I’ve fractured my bones, torn my ligaments. I’ve lived with countless roommates with different personalities. I’ve worked as a manager, served as a busboy. I’ve already been to places I dreamed of in my childhood.

But, no matter what I did, whom I met, and how I lived — Fundamental truths of life held me together like gorilla glue.

From the undercurrents of all life situations — high and low, I have…

A boy thinking which bad habits are good for him
A boy thinking which bad habits are good for him
Source: Freepik

Bad habits! They bite your conscience. They make you feel guilty.

But, what if I tell you that some of your bad habits are good.

Your eyes just popped out! I saw you!

No, smoking, swearing, alcohol, binge eating, picking your nose in public (Eeewww!), etc., are still bad, and there was no way these habits could be good for you in any way.

But, do you remember how our parents and teachers bugged us to stop fidgeting our legs, considering it a bad habit?

It isn’t, according to research. Fidgeting helps us calm down our anxious nerves, and it…

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Sugar is a slow poison.

Yet, 75% of all our meals and beverages include added sugar.

Learning to live without sugar, or limiting its intake, is a laudable aim for everybody. But for me, it was a compulsion.

Diabetes runs in my genes. Every member from my mother’s side including her has type-2 diabetes. It scared my gut.

I wanted to live longer. More importantly, I wanted to live a healthier life. So, as a 2021 year’s resolution, I decided to stop feeding my sweet tooth.

But from my family experience and research studies online, I had learned one thing…

Photo by Majestic Lukas on Unsplash

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” ― Madonna

Madonna is correct. We all are striving to be a better version of ourselves. For that, we adopt healthy habits, quit the bad ones, and ensure that we stick to our plan.

But is it enough to be better? To be happier? To live a fulfilled life?

Self-improvement is a multi-faceted coin; habits are just one aspect of it.

However, self-improvement begins only with complete awareness of yourself, your habits, traits, personality…

A man thinking, “Walking 10,000 steps a day is not the only way to remain healthy.”
A man thinking, “Walking 10,000 steps a day is not the only way to remain healthy.”
Walking 10,000 steps a day is not the only way to remain healthy | Photo by Dave Goudreau on Unsplash


It’s a nice, round number, with which we’ve increasingly associated our fitness. You are here that means either you’re following the 10,000 steps rule or striving for it.

I was obsessed with this number for a long time. Working full time, I had no time to hit this goal. So, I skipped afternoon rest after lunch, shortened my exercise duration, limited biking, etc. In short, I walked like a maniac.

But, I was highly discouraged when I repeatedly failed to reach this benchmark even after working my ass off. …

Signs a Man Does Not Want to Be Approached by You
Signs a Man Does Not Want to Be Approached by You
Source: Freepik

Did he notice my backless black dress?
Did he turn back to catch my glimpse and feel, “Ouch! That’s hot!”

After five minutes of no movement, you may be panicking and breathing heavily, “I like him, but why doesn’t he like me back? Why is he not throwing signs of approach?”

There’s nothing worse than not knowing if someone’s interested in you or not. This feeling is not exclusive to women. Men get it all the time. It’s awkward to admit, but back in the college dating days, it would drive me crazy if a girl, for whom I had…

A man Masturbating to All the Productivity Porn
A man Masturbating to All the Productivity Porn
Photo by James Barr on Unsplash

Internet is an ocean of articles — each offering a new answer for how to be productive. Sometimes it’s the same answer re-packaged in a new avatar. This story is not one of them.

I want to direct your focus on a bigger part of the problem — there’s a lot of productivity porn obsession out there that could not only be a productivity myth but a counter-productive tip leaving you stressed and anxious. It’s a shame that I see no one talking about it.

Productivity tip isn’t a rule carved in stone that will/should work for everyone. In fact…

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

The day was bright and sunny. As far as I could see, the sky was azure blue, tons of people were out sunbathing and waking their pets by the lake. But I had totally underestimated the weather in Alberta that day.

Before leaving home, I didn’t check how cold it would be in the afternoon when the temperature dropped by 10 degrees. I was entirely unprepared for this type of sudden change.

I had no jacket, scarf, or gloves to cover myself in some warmth. Perhaps, if I even had a fleece hoodie in my car, I would have enjoyed…

An example of UI and UX
An example of UI and UX
Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels

User Interface(UI) and User Experience (UX) are not new/alien terms in the app/web designing world. Yet, people use them interchangeably. Why? They’re often confused due to similarities in their name, function, and requirements.

However, UI and UX are totally different aspects of web designing. And you must know the difference between them because:

  • If you’re looking to get a website/app created, you may pick a (wrong) company/developer that doesn’t provide all of the services you want or lacks the competence to produce what you want.
  • You must know what services you’re paying for, who you’ll recruit if you’re doing it…

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