Daniel Goldman First of all, thanks a lot for reading the story very carefully.

The meaning of the statement (“Conditions on earth are urging us to move onto higher planes of safety”)is that there is no physical safe place on earth. By this sentence, I in no way meant to look for other planets or space. I meant spiritual consciousness.

If we look around the world (or “earth” as you mentioned)we see that all the places are being subjected to some kind of tension. Some places are drenched with natural calamities while some are being colored with the human feud. The results of such situations are clearly visible in our lives in the form of fear, tensions, and worries. The situation of coronavirus is just a testament to human abilities (scientific advancements)as compared to nature.

Having said that, the safest haven is going towards the inner self. If we identify and believe in our true self (soul and not the body), we can solve many problems in the world like global peace to be precise. But, that is a topic of discussion.

Now, coming to the next point (the earth isn’t going anywhere for billions of years). I beg to differ in this opinion a bit. Surely, the earth isn’t going anywhere, but the quality of the earth is deteriorating by leaps and bounds. The crime rate and the vices in the human minds have escalated to such an extent that billion years is out of the question, according to my understanding. Also, terming the life of the world to be billions of years is like living in self-illusion. We might surely survive for only countable years.

If we believe, we have no power to change the situation here right now, how can we be sure to justify the space.

I may not sound politically correct my friend, but these are my thoughts and I did mean to disrespect yours. But, if I may have, I apologize for it. Nothing personal my friend.

Have a good day and a better tomorrow. Cheers!!!

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