I second you on this one. Nowadays, the definition of love has changed. It has taken a 360 degree U-turn. Love today is mere an infatuation for many. Love lasts only until the acceptance of the weaknesses and flaws by others. When tables turn and when one is responsible to accept the partner’s flaws, “The Love Is Flawed.”

Love, totally is non-attachment. Love is only about acceptance. When you accept, you love. Loved is blocked when the person is not being accepted. Acceptance means understanding that everyone has their own set of limitations and helping them overcome is LOVE.

In addition, non-attachment means not getting entangled in seeing weaknesses. Being a detached lover is being unconditional in love. No other example other than a mother-child relationship describes unconditional love. The mother loves the child no matter what.

In contrast, love today is very short-lived. Love evaporates faster than the water of the river. Love has just been reduced to the attraction of body. As long as the body is pleasured, love is said to be alive.

Thank you for writing a wonderful definition of true Love.

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