My life has changed a lot too with my decision to give up on watching and reading news.

A few years back, I came in contact with Brahmakumaris — The World Spiritual University, where I learned the secrets of true happiness. I also learned that “I am the books I read, I am the films I watch, I am the music I listen to, I am the conversation I engage in.”

Due to this knowledge, I made a firm decision that I do not want to become the news I watch. Hence I gave up on that habit and the rest is history. I have never been so peaceful, happy, contented, positive, and creative in my life.

Thanks a lot, Matt for sharing a wonderful story!

✦A positive-minded guy with a peaceful heart ✦ I write about Life and Spirituality to solve the riddle of WhatIsInsideMe ✦ Connect on Social Media@watisinsideme

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