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I will describe myself in four letters.


I am a peace-loving soul. I am an eternal being, and my perishable body is called Darshak. People address me by different names like Derik, Darshu, Dee, D.D, etc.

I am on a journey of life, taking multiple births and playing my part in this eternal world drama (since I believe in the reincarnation theory).

In this lifetime, my body has donned many titles of relationships (son, brother, friend, etc.), education (Mechanical Engineer), and profession (Engineer, writer, poet).

I say that my body has acquired these titles because they’re transient. They’ll vanish when I (the soul) leave this mortal coil (body).

Being spiritual, I believe that my life is not mine. Alone. I am an instrument by which the Almighty plays his part. And he can do that only if I surrender myself to him.

So, I can’t credit myself for writing something good or helping anyone. I am just a Medium.

I’m on a journey to improve 1% myself each day and share what I learn along the way.

My Mantra For a Peaceful Life:

Whatever wrong I do, I am responsible because I didn’t follow the spiritual principles.

Whatever good is being done, the Almighty is responsible.

This thought empowers me to correct my wrongs by being accountable for my thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Plus, it helps me remain grounded.

I have realized that I have very limited time on this earth. So if you have any complaints about my wrongdoings, please hit me in my DMs or messages (mentioned below). I’ll “instantly” rectify it or make amends. I want to die clean slate!

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